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Asus Mouse/Flash Drive Hybrid Just Looks Uncomfortable

Asus Mouse/Flash Drive Hybrid Just Looks Uncomfortable

Asus MS71

By Luke Anderson

Two-in-one (or more) convergence devices are always hit-or-miss. Some things just don’t need to be combined into a single product. I mean, you wouldn’t want your toaster to also work as a measuring cup, would you? Here’s a flash drive from Asus that also functions as a wireless mouse. While it’s not nearly as bad as my toaster idea (patent pending) I just don’t see this as being something I would want to use for even a short amount of time.

As a flash drive, it looks bulkier than most, and I likely wouldn’t want to carry it in my pocket. As a mouse, my hand starts cramping up at the mere though of using something that tiny. I think I’ll have to pass on this one. If you’re interested, you’ll be sad to hear that pricing and availability aren’t currently known.

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