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Warm Up One Hand With An Infrared Heated Mouse

Warm Up One Hand With An Infrared Heated Mouse

Infrared Mouse

By Luke Anderson

I’ve worked in a couple of different places where everyone seems to think that we work better when we’re freezing. Perhaps they think that merely by typing faster that we can warm our hands up, which would increase productivity. Thankfully these days I’m the one that controls the thermostat, so I keep it as warm as I like. However, for those of you that need a little something extra to keep you warm, you might look into this USB Infrared Warmer Mouse.

This mouse will keep your hand plenty warm, just plug it into your USB port and switch it on. The device will heat up to between 40-45°C (104-113°F), which should be enough to keep you warm. Just grab a cup of warm coffee with the other hand and you’re good to go.

[ USBFever ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]