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Fishtank Friday: Augmented Fish Reality

Fishtank Friday: Augmented Fish Reality

Augmented Fish Reality

By Evan Ackerman

This is an oldie (from late 2002), but a goodie. These fish tanks are robotic, and their movement is controlled entirely by the Siamese Fighting Fish that live inside. The fighting fish were chosen due to their eyesight, which is supposed to be good enough to let them see for some distance outside of the water, as well as the fact that they’re violently social. Infrared sensors on four sides of the tank trigger the robot to move in the direction that the fish approaches, and video cameras under the bowls record a fish-eye view (heh) of the scene for the benefit of human spectators. The robots are programmed to let the fishbots get within 1/4 inch of each other, which is close enough to exchange insults but not actually cause damage. According to the designer, the fish tend to move towards humans (presumably due to an association with food) and he has wisely chosen not to equip the tanks with fish activated weaponry. One more pic, after the jump.

Augmented Fish Reality

[ Augmented Fish Reality ]

  • Anonymous

    Aww. No frickin’ lasers. 🙁

  • andy cochrane

    do they forget where they were going every 3 seconds???

    [i KNOW that one has been busted a few times, most notably by the Mythbusters, but i had to go for it anyways]

  • Evan Ackerman

    Heh, I actually ranted on about fish memory misconception for a whole paragraph, and then deleted it because it had nothing to do with the article. But you’re right: Mythbusters season 1 episode 11… Goldfish remembered an obstacle course a month later!

  • grapenutster

    Doctor, meet the Daleks…