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Bike Cuffs Look Cool, Keep Your Bike Safe

Bike Cuffs Look Cool, Keep Your Bike Safe

Bike Cuffs

By Luke Anderson

I’ve never really had a bike that was worth a lot of money. Sure, they were nice enough for me to not be embarrassed when I rode them around, but nothing fancy. Plus my hometown was rather small, and rarely did you hear of anyone’s bike getting stolen, so I never bothered to lock mine up when I rode it around. However, these days I live in a much different place, and I’d definitely lock a bike up anywhere I went. If I had my choice, I’d probably use a pair of these Bike Cuffs.

As you may have noticed, these look a rather lot like handcuffs with a bike chain between them. They are made from hardened laminated steel and feature a drill-proof locking system. Aside from looking cool and being quite secure, these would likely be easier to carry around then some of the other secure solutions I’ve seen. They’re a bit pricey (more expensive than any bike I’ve owned) at around $160.

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