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LED Shower Light Tells You When Your Water Is Ready

LED Shower Light Tells You When Your Water Is Ready

LED Shower Light
By Luke Anderson

One of the annoying things about getting in the shower is making sure that the water is the right temperature. This is especially annoying if your shower takes a minute or two to get warm. Sure, you could just stick your hand in and feel the temperature, but surely there’s a geekier way to do it, right? Of course there is, just get a shower head that emits light based on how warm the water is.

The LED Shower Head will change color from blue to red when the water gets over 89° F/32° C. Sure, you’ll probably still need to do a bit of tweaking to get it just right, but at least you’ll know when it is warm. My favorite part of this is that the LEDs are powered by the water flowing through the shower head. The water pressure builds up energy by passing through small turbines contained within. You can pick one up for $45.

[ Wowcoolstuff ] VIA [ GreenHead ]

  • M

    I can see lots of potential for messing with people’s lives with this thingamajig. Especially the mornings.

  • Jen

    Ok I have something that tells me the temp of my shower water, and it’s free. I call it my HAND

  • Diego

    I will buy a shower that get home at least it is different and modern …. : D