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Handheld Disinfecting UV Scanner

Handheld Disinfecting UV Scanner

Disinfecting UV Scanner (Image courtesy Whatever Works)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking to add about 2 hours of extra work to your typical day? Then make sure to carry this folding UV scanner everywhere you go and use it to disinfect everything you might have to touch like door handles, telephones, computer keyboards, mice and faucets. Waving the UV light over an object will kill 99.9% of the germs you might come in contact with, but what about that 0.1% that’s still going to end up on your hands? If they’re tough enough to survive a blast of UV light who knows what harm they’re going to cause you? I suggest just staying home all day and working at your computer in your pajamas. If people think you’re crazy for doing so just tell them you’re a blogger. It worked for me!

Whatever Works sells the handheld UV Scanner for $29.99, but it doesn’t include the 4 AAA batteries you’ll need to wage your war on germs.

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