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Kiddo Kidkeeper Proximity Alarm

Kiddo Kidkeeper Proximity Alarm

Kiddo Kidkeeper (Image courtesy Smart Target)By Andrew Liszewski

The Kiddo Kidkeeper from Smart Target is like a 21st century version of those ‘kid leashes’ you see some parents using with their toddler. Except it doesn’t look as stupid. The system consists of a transmitter which you attach to the kid and a receiver which is carried by an adult. The transmitter continually emits a signal which is picked up by the receiver and is used to determine how far away the kid has wandered. When they go farther than a preset distance a warning sound and visual alarm on the receiver will go off allowing the adult to retrieve the child.

In terms of range settings the Kiddo receiver actually only has 2 options. The short range setting will alert the adult if the child has gone more than 4 meters (about 13 feet) away while the long range setting will sound the alert when a distance of 8 meters (or 26 feet) has been reached. The transmitter is also waterproof which means it’s pool and beach-friendly and can even be used at airports and on airplanes without disturbing the avionics.

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