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Underwater Hotels – Istanbul Says “Me Too!”

Underwater Hotels – Istanbul Says “Me Too!”

Istanbul's 7 Story Underwater Hotel (Image courtesy Vagabondish)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s not the first underwater hotel (that honor goes to the Poseidon in Fiji) a new hotel being built in Istanbul hopes to set itself apart from its competitors since it’s being built on the ruins of a historical 1930s tobacco factory in the city center. The hotel will have 7 floors all underwater and every room will have a view of the sea. Of course no one’s really sure how great that view will actually be since local experts claim the visibility in the Istanbul Bosporus Strait is only about 10 feet.

However the hotel is on track for a 2010 opening, which will coincide with the city taking over from Linz, Austria as the Cultural Capital of Europe. It’s being build by Tanriverdi Holding who have promised a multi-million dollar budget to ensure the hotel is finished to 7-star standards, and that it’s also 100% waterproof.

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