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New MacBook Pros Receive The Multitouch Treatment

New MacBook Pros Receive The Multitouch Treatment

Multitouch Trackpad

By Luke Anderson

I was rather disappointed when I heard about Apple’s big new laptop, the Air. Honestly it just had too few features for an outrageous price. Sure, it was tiny, but that’s one of the few things that it had going for it, and certainly not worth the asking price in my opinion. However, one feature that I found interesting was the multitouch trackpad. Thankfully that feature is no longer exclusive to the Air.

Apple announced the release of new MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The MacBooks simply received a processor refresh, memory increases and hard drive upgrades. The Pro models got much of the same, though they also made the GeForce 8600GT available with up to 512MB, up from 256MB. The big news, however, is that all MacBook Pros will have the same multitouch trackpad featured in the Air. If you’ve been holding off on a new Apple notebook, now is probably your best time to get in on one.

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