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Nubrella – The Hands-Free Umbrella

Nubrella – The Hands-Free Umbrella


By Luke Anderson

How many of you carry an umbrella when it’s raining? Unless I know that I’ll be walking for long distances in the pouring rain, I won’t bother. I figure that I’ll spend more time standing in the rain closing the umbrella and trying to put it in the car than I’ll actually spend outside. If you have a thing about getting wet, you might want to check out the very interesting Nubrella.

The idea here s that you can have an umbrella that doesn’t require any hands, because lets face it, you don’t always have one. The other benefit is that your head is blocked from the elements on all sides. On the downside you look like you’re being eaten by a transparent Pac-Man. If you don’t mind the strange looks you’ll get, you can pick one up for $60.

[ Nubrella ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]