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Scan-It X-Ray Machine Playset – Seriously?

Scan-It X-Ray Machine Playset – Seriously?

Scan-It Operation Checkpoint Toy XRay Machine (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I understand the importance of having x-ray machines and metal detectors at airports, but I don’t think there’s a single kid on the planet who’d be happy to tear the gift wrap off a present and find an x-ray machine playset inside. Of course that’s probably why the website spins this thing as an educational toy, since it will convince teachers and parents it’s a far better choice than something that was actually fun.

Scan-It is an educational and creative play toy that helps children become acclimated with airport and public spaces security. The device is both a fun toy and an educational tool. It detects metal objects and simulates an X-ray scan via a functioning conveyor belt that glides articles over its metal detector path. When metallic items are present the unit beeps and lights up. This unique toy/teaching aid provides ample amounts of healthy fun along with education and awareness of the security measures that people face in real life.

And if they’re trying to educate kids about what it’s like to deal with airport security, the x-ray machine is just the icing on the cake. Hopefully this thing includes an instruction manual recommending kids arrive at least 2 hours before they actually want to play with it, keep all liquids including juice and chocolate milk in clear containers and have a valid passport or at least their name stitched into their jacket.

You can find it at for $29.95.

[ Scan-It Operation Checkpoint Toy X-Ray Machine ] VIA [ YoKiddo ]


14 responses to “Scan-It X-Ray Machine Playset – Seriously?”

  1. Yocto says:

    Complete with a colorful Homeland Security threat level indicator. So patriotic, isn’t it lovely. “USA Tested Toy” = “Made in China”, by the way.

    And after we’ve found the bomb, let’s play detain and interrogate!

    Children simply should not get their minds raped like this.

  2. maggie says:

    The makers of this little item must be lunatics!

  3. Willie says:

    Does it come with latex cavity search gloves and a tazer?

  4. Andrew Liszewski says:

    We can all laugh, but how else can you explain to your kids why the security agent had to gut their stuffed animals with a pocket knife to make sure they weren’t hiding any contrabands? It’s also a good way to take their minds off the fear of flying since they’ll be even more scared of the airport itself.

  5. RSBL says:

    Yea, its also a good indoctrination toy, to train them to accept being treated like cattle, or to not be shocked when the gestapo wannabes start diggin through your stuff, also teaching your child that theres always a way around the constitution, only if you have compliant morons.

  6. Anonymous says:

    it’s also no coincedence that no one teaches kids about the fourth amendment anymore. (or any of our constitutional rights)

  7. DanD says:

    Come on you people, lighten up! Didn’t you get the memo? 9-11 CHANGED EVERYTHING!

    After all, remember when you used to “Play Doctor” with that cute little girl just down the block? Well now, after playing “Scan-It’ ” with the local anchor-baby next door, little junior there can then force him/her to endure his own home-made version of the game “Strip-Search.”

    In the meantime, as monitoring adult you can secretly videotape the whole session for later review!

    Oh, the first-class joys of totalitarian society.


  8. Larry says:

    I can’t believe that none of you get the point of this toy. It’s supposed to provide young tots with the incentive to work for the TSA as an airport security screener when they grow up. And since kids are educated so poorly in our public schools these days, that’s about the best job they can expect to get.


  9. patrick miller says:

    More Mind Control Social Engineering Plastic Garbage

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fsck it, I’m putting out the l’il wage slave set.

  11. Alan Cabal says:

    The Waterboarding Playset will make for summer fun in the backyard this year.

  12. RSBL says:

    lets make the 9/11 was an inside job game, where buildings mysteriously fall after jet fuel thats not hot enough to melt steel is added. And the object will be to see who can spin it so it doesnt look like an inside job.

  13. Dilbert says:

    Does this come included with an orange jumpsuit a burnt constitution and handcuffs?
    How much for the waterboarding add-on playset?

  14. Howard says:

    Well, on the brighter side, carnal knowledge indoctrination, thanks to Goals 2000 and No Child Left Behind, some bright little prevert will figure out a way to invert the x-ray and will be able to see little 8 year Susie’s privates. At least this device will keep him interested in the opposite sex. For a year or two, anyway.