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Bye Bye Standby Remote Power Cutoff

Bye Bye Standby Remote Power Cutoff

Bye Bye Standby (Image courtesy Bye Bye Standby)
By Andrew Liszewski

The best way to make sure the appliances and electronics in your home or office aren’t wasting electricity when not in use is to just unplug them. But given the placement of wall sockets (which usually end up behind desks or larger appliances) unplugging everything is not always easy or practical. So the Bye Bye Standby adapters are designed to sit between the wall socket and the plug, and can be used to easily cut all power to the device that’s plugged in.

A small remote control has a series of red and green buttons that can be used to selectively cut power to different devices, or cut power to a group of them all at once. Each adapter even has a manual override to make sure a device you’re actually using doesn’t accidentally get powered down. And if you’re worried that you’ll forget to shut things off, there’s also a motion sensor accessory that can be programmed to cut power after everyone has left a room. (After a certain adjustable time frame.)

Unfortunately given that socket layout it seems like the Bye Bye Standby is not designed for use in North America. But for those of you on the other side of the pond the accessories range in price from about $15 for the remote to about $23 for a heavy duty wall socket to about $29 for the motion sensor.

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