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Sunscreen Mist Spray-On Booth And Station

Sunscreen Mist Spray-On Booth And Station

Spray-On Sunscreen Booth And Station (Images courtesy Sunscreen Mist)
By Andrew Liszewski

The weather where I’m writing from is not exactly ideal for a day at the beach (unless you’re ice fishing) so it’s nice to post a product that’s designed for a sunny summer day. The Sunscreen Mist booth and station are targeted at people who have either forgotten to apply sunscreen before heading to the beach, or aren’t sure if they’ve effectively covered every spot of visible skin.

Both versions have a slot for inserting credit cards or cash, but while the Sunscreen Mist station has a smaller footprint, you have to use a wand/hose attachment to apply the sunscreen to your body. (I believe $1 will give you a 10 second session.) The booth on the other hand takes up more space, but has an automated application process that only requires the user to stand in a specific spot. It also offers the option of applying a tanning solution so in theory, you can avoid exposure to the sun altogether.

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