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Auto-Loading Toaster With Motorized Slot Cover Is Way Cooler Than I Make It sound

By Evan Ackerman

For some reason, we love talking about incredibly cool toasters around here, but most of the time, their coolness is inversely proportional to their availability. This toaster, the Morphy Richards 2 Perfection, is unusual both in its futuristic features and its cheap and available nature: you can order it from Electricshopping for only Β£29.49 (about $60). In addition to the motorized bread carriages and auto closing toast bay doors, it’s also got all of the standard features you’d expect on a toaster nowadays, including frozen bread and bagel modes and electronic variable browning control. If I got one of these things, I’d probably burn (er, brown) my way through a couple loaves of bread just playing with the loading mechanism… Anyone up for a few dozen slices of used toast?

[ Morphy Richards 2 Perfection Toaster ] VIA [ Serious Eats ]


2 responses to “Auto-Loading Toaster With Motorized Slot Cover Is Way Cooler Than I Make It sound”

  1. UMMMM? says:

    Just checked out their website and the toaster is not in fact listed as for sale πŸ™
    May be I missed it?

  2. I couldn’t find it on their website either, but it’s also for sale on Amazon UK, so it seems to be available.