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New PicooZ Helicopters Now 3 Channel, Still Not Quite Helicopters

New PicooZ Helicopters Now 3 Channel, Still Not Quite Helicopters


By Evan Ackerman

When it comes to remote control helicopters, I’m a bit of a snob, in that I own one of these and know how to fly it without crashing (most of the time). R/C helis like the one I have allow for the same range of control as a real helicopter: pitch, yaw, roll, and throttle. That’s four axes of control. Most of the little PicooZ helicopters have so far been only two channel: you can go up and down, and left and right (they keep going forward on their own). That, for me, takes away the whole point of flying a helicopter… The ability to hover. The PicooZ Tandem Z and the PicooZ 3 Channel Helicopter are new additions to the PicooZ micro R/C heli lineup, and that third channel adds a forwards/backwards control, letting you hover these little guys. The third addition (the yellow one in the picture) is only two channel, but it’s extra-tiny. Otherwise, the stats on these are about the same: infra-red control, 20 minute charge, 10 minute flight, trim control, LED, made of something crash resistant, and multiple frequencies are available.

You’re looking at about $80 for the Tandem, and $60 each for the other two. Available now from Red5; it’ll probably be under the Air Hogs brand when it shows up in the states.

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