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JerkStoppers Not Quite As Elegant As MagSafe

JerkStoppers Not Quite As Elegant As MagSafe

JerkStopper (Images courtesy Damage Control Products LLC)By Andrew Liszewski

While Apple’s MagSafe connector is designed to easily break away should something tug on your laptop’s power cord, the JerkStoppers seem to do the exact opposite. They’re designed more as a ‘cable retention device’ to prevent your laptop’s power cable from being damaged should anyone or anything pull on it.

To accomplish this you simply run your power cable through one of the JerkStoppers, which then connect to an unused RJ11, RJ45 and in a pinch, USB port. The ports basically anchor the JerkStoppers, so that any tugging or pulling doesn’t put pressure where the power connects to the laptop. Obviously the locking nature of an RJ11 or RJ45 port are the better option, but the friction lock mechanism of a USB port should work almost as well.

The JerkStops are available from Damage Control Products LLC in sets of 3 for just $9.95.

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