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Wiretracks – Hide Unsightly Cables Behind Crown Molding Or Baseboards

Wiretracks – Hide Unsightly Cables Behind Crown Molding Or Baseboards

Wiretracks (Images courtesy WireTracks)
By Andrew Liszewski

I for one couldn’t care less about the miles of cable running around my apartment. Perhaps if I was conducting tours on a daily basis I might be inclined to do something about it, but they just don’t bother me. But if you can’t imagine the shame of someone seeing an exposed cable in your home, Wiretracks provides a clever system for running and hiding those cables behind decorative baseboards or crown molding.

The real ‘secret’ of Wiretracks is that the pieces of molding or baseboard can be snapped on or off, making it very easy to run a new cable across the room. Installation also looks fairly easy since any screws or nails you use to fasten the system to the wall are hidden once the panels are attached.

Wiretracks can be purchased from the company’s online store and the prices vary depending on if you’re retrofitting existing construction, or starting from scratch. For example, 5ft. of the baseboard Wiretracks for existing construction runs $15.99, while 5ft. for new construction runs $23.99.

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4 responses to “Wiretracks – Hide Unsightly Cables Behind Crown Molding Or Baseboards”

  1. Sly says:

    This would be really useful around my house- I’ve got cables all over the place, on the floor, stuck to the wall with thumbtacks and twist ties, and running through the hall. My cats used to want to chew on them, but I’ve broken them of that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the idea, but I’m fairly certain I could find a similar way to do this using slightly less expensive materials. The crown molding would be especially easy to do.

  3. Martin says:

    This is a good product, but it doesn’t seem to provide a solution for concealing wires that travel past doorways

  4. this is very innovative idea, well this will sure protect wire from any unnecessary things