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New R/C Car Is Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cells


By Luke Anderson

Are you one of the growing number of people that is becoming more conscious about your impact upon the environment? If so, it’s probably no surprise that your children’s (or other people’s kids’) toys demand a lot of power. From game consoles to R/C cars, their energy consumption is great. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them something that’s environmentally-friendly, but still fun?

What kid doesn’t like a remote controlled car? This H2GO car is about as green as toys come. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which needs only water and solar energy to power the car. The racer is also aerodynamically designed to make it as fast as possible, while using the least amount of power. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

[ Corgi ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

  • Dream Car Blog

    Well hope !!!
    Let see how these conventional hydrogen power could help

  • Used Cars in Maine

    Very awesome – this is definitely something I'm going to have to get for my nephew this year.

  • diecast trucks

    why didn't this car existed when i was young? Kids are so lucky these days.

  • diecast trucks

    why didn't this car existed when i was young? Kids are so lucky these days.

  • Used Hino Trucks

    This would be a great way to induce some interest in technology in the minds of young kids.

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    Does it store any amount of H + 0 Gases coz that could be very dangerous

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    Very interesting product, it's environmentally friendly it can help in saving our environment. Hope it's also a budget friendly.

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    but yeah .. about the price >.<''

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    Have to say I do agree. Things like this just are what they are.

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