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Master Replicas Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set – Just Like The One Real Jedis Use

Master Replicas Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set (Images courtesy Simply Toys)
By Andrew Liszewski

I know Hasbro released an ‘Ultimate Lightsaber’ kit that allowed you to mix and match pieces and build your own custom lightsaber, but it was made of plastic and just didn’t have the appeal of the Force FX series from Master Replicas. So I was pretty surprised to discover that MR actually has a similar kit for building your own custom Force FX saber.

The kit includes 3 pommels, 3 handles, 3 center bands, 3 front bodies, 3 emitters and a tri-color blade capable of switching between red, green and blue. While all those components give you over 1000 possible combinations, the downside is that the blade is only illuminated by a single LED, which means you won’t get the nifty ‘rising out of the hilt’ effect when you power it on. However it still has all the motion activated sound effects, and since all the pieces are machined from metal, the final product will look a lot cooler than what you could build with the Hasbro set.

Just keep in mind that the Master Replicas’ Star Wars license has expired, meaning the Force FX Lightsaber kit is only available in limited quantities. So if you consider yourself a real fan, you’d better head over to Amazon where you can find one for $99.99.

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  • TCWT

    FYI: The components of this kit are primarily plastic, not metal. (Only the pommels are.) And though the blade isn’t as bright as the other ForceFX models, it does exhibit the “rising out of the hilt” effect.

  • http://ohgimzmo giberishdude

    awsom sword

  • http://ohgimzmo giberishdude

    tcwt? it is an fx saber?

  • NF

    Over a thousand variations? Try 729.

  • Andrew Liszewski

    Uh, I think in Jedi terminology ‘a thousand’ actually refers to 720, not 1,000 as we know it. So technically, 729 is over a thousand if you’re a master of the Force.

    Yeah, let’s go with that.

  • NF

    lol, I stand corrected and bow before your superior wisdom :)