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Canon ImagePRESS C7000VP Is Too Much Printer

Canon ImagePRESS C7000VP Is Too Much Printer

Canon C7000

By Evan Ackerman

It’s a fact: give me a piece of paper, and I will lose it. Paper is such an impractical medium nowadays, but that doesn’t stop people from printing stuff out, giving it to me, and then complaining when it disappears. I guess maybe if I had a printer like the Canon ImagePRESS C7000VP, I might start printing things besides airplane boarding passes. This is a serious, serious printer. It requires 33 feet of wallspace (!) and costs a shade over $280,000. It comes with a trimmer, finisher, inserter, stacker, binder, capacity for 10,000 sheets of paper, and can print 70 pages per minute at 1200 dpi. The internal computer is a dual core 3.0ghz Xeon with 2 gigs of ram and a couple raided 80gb HDs.

Honestly though, what do you do with a printer like this? My recommendation is to save yourself some money by getting, say, 70 1ppm printers instead, and then pay some poor sap to keep track of print jobs and do all the trimming, finishing, inserting, stacking, and binding by hand. I bet you can pay them six figures and still have tons of money left over to send to me for giving you such practical advice.

[ Canon C7000VP (In Japanese) ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]

  • Aaron Davis

    you are looking at it the wrong way. it’s not just a fancy printer, it’s a 70ppm book making machine from a legitimate printer company, instead of a one-off homebrew machine

  • Forrest

    “Honestly though, what do you do with a printer like this?”

    As a former Kinko’s key-op, I can safely answer “Everything!”

  • Alan

    Congress has one of these in each of the Senate and House office buildings. They’re for all large printing orders. Each one has an exhaust hose that blasts all the hot air it produces through the air vents.

  • Nicholas

    ASa manager of a print shop that has a machine fairly similar to this I agreee with Forrest “Everything” Just last night I was able to complete a job that normally would take 4-5 people a day by myself in 13 hours.

  • Canon Man

    Although Canon say they can do ” Everything “. As an C7000VP Operator of 6 months in the UK i can honestly say ” They Cant “.

    They are – Unreliable – Have a major problem with toner blocking the Drums – The quick fix by Canon Engineers didn’t work – If your running a big print run job with mainly c/m/k the yellow drum will destroy itself – Canon call out service in the uk is awfull – I used to run a Xerox 2060 and we thought that was bad, untill we got this pile of s**t.

  • Micheal Smith

    wow, what an amazing printer. very huge and has multifunction..
    Micheal Smith

  • diagne

    please send to us your best quotataion about machine: imagePRESS C7000VP
    We are looking forward you prompt reply

  • Michaelray

    This is the dumbest review I have ever read.

  • Michaelray

    This is the dumbest review I have ever read.