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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Philips Introduces a 1200 Watt Toaster

1200 Watt Toaster

By Luke Anderson

Are you one of those people that needs all of their appliances to be as high-tech and powerful as possible? When I first saw this 1200 watt toaster from Philips, I immediately pictured Tim Allen pushing down the lever and grunting something about more power. Seriously, my microwave doesn’t even have that much juice.

The 1200W HD2618 toaster not only looks fancy, but has fancy features like one-sided toasting for bagels and a digital display that counts down the seconds until your toast is ready. This powerful manly toaster will set you back $120.

[ Philips ] VIA [ UberReview ]

Show Those Robots Who’s Boss With A Hunting Trophy

Robot Trophy

By Luke Anderson

Remember back when the Billy Bass was popular back in 2000 or so? Since then there have been a number of similar items on the market that are equally as annoying as the singing fish. However, these robot trophies have to be the coolest ones I have seen.

Since I’m fully expecting a robot uprising within the next decade or so, I would love to put one of these on my wall. That way when a robot breaks into my house to kill me, it knows that I’m someone that’s not to be messed with. There are 11 different robotic animals which have sensors that will make the robots come to life and become aggressive towards anyone who comes near. Unfortunately there’s no word on pricing or availability.

[ France Cadet ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

Mitsubishi ARLEDIA DVDs Last Twice As Long As Standard Discs

Mitsubishi ARLEDIA

By Luke Anderson

I’ve really never put much thought into how I store my DVDs and CDs. Movies are stored in their original boxes in cabinets sitting in my living room. Most CDs are either strewn about on my desk or arranged neatly in binders. Unfortunately none of these methods is all that great for long term disc storge.

Mitsubishi has created the ARLEDIA DVD-R discs that are said to have twice the life expectancy of regular DVDs. They accomplish this by using a gold and silver reflective film which prevents oxidation. No word on pricing or availability.

[ Impress ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

DORmino Mouse Mooches Off Your Hot Laptop


By Evan Ackerman

I don’t know about your laptop, but the heat mine gives off could power a small industrial nation. Okay, maybe not, but it does a damn good job of toasting my pop tarts and rendering me sterile. The DORmino mouse takes all of that wasted heat and uses it to power a wireless mouse, utilizing silicon nanowires embedded in a pad that sits underneath your laptop, a thermoelectric converter, and an induction coil inside the mouse to transfer power up from the pad. The mouse itself has a touchscreen scroller and a bluetooth interface, and the pad rolls up for easy portability. The design has been entered in the 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition, and if it wins, it looks complicated enough that it still probably won’t be produced, unfortunately.

[ Greener Gadgets Competition ] VIA [ Ecofriend ]

Video Friday: Pixar’s “Lifted”

By Evan Ackerman

This animated short from Pixar, entitled Lifted, was shown in theaters just before Ratatouille. If you missed out, it’s worth watching, and if you’ve seen it already, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth watching again. Enjoy.

[ Direct link to video ]

[ Lifted ] VIA [ io9 ]

Firefly Brings Gaming To MS Surface

By Evan Ackerman

This interactive touch-based multiplayer game, called Firefly, is as far as I know the first example of a game designed specifically for Microsoft Surface. The premise is simple: use your fingers to corral colored fireflies into your jar, while squishing the flies on your opponent’s side. This is just the tip of the iceberg when if comes to the possibilities that Surface offers for gaming, but as a piece of platform-demoware, it kinda looks like fun.

[ Sarcastic Gamer ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Fishtank Friday: MK-84 Fishbomb

FishbombBy Evan Ackerman

If you’ve ever wanted to destroy an ichthyophobia convention, now is your big chance. This is the Aqua Bomb, a six and a half foot tall self contained fish tank manufactured using components from an actual Mark 84 “Hammer” 2,000 pound bomb. The MK-84 is capable of making a crater 50 foot wide 40 foot deep in the surface of your choice, after penetrating 11 feet of concrete. No word on how much the fish will improve the effectiveness of this weapon, but is probably depends on the payload, which in this case (according to the resident OhGizmo marine biologist) consists of a Clown Triggerfish and a juvenile Blue Tang that are most likely fake. The pump, filter, and lighting are all built in, and the Aqua Bomb is available in “seven beautiful powder-coated colors” for just shy of $4,000.

[ Aqua Bomb ] VIA [ TFTS ]

Kiddo Kidkeeper Proximity Alarm

Kiddo Kidkeeper (Image courtesy Smart Target)By Andrew Liszewski

The Kiddo Kidkeeper from Smart Target is like a 21st century version of those ‘kid leashes’ you see some parents using with their toddler. Except it doesn’t look as stupid. The system consists of a transmitter which you attach to the kid and a receiver which is carried by an adult. The transmitter continually emits a signal which is picked up by the receiver and is used to determine how far away the kid has wandered. When they go farther than a preset distance a warning sound and visual alarm on the receiver will go off allowing the adult to retrieve the child.

In terms of range settings the Kiddo receiver actually only has 2 options. The short range setting will alert the adult if the child has gone more than 4 meters (about 13 feet) away while the long range setting will sound the alert when a distance of 8 meters (or 26 feet) has been reached. The transmitter is also waterproof which means it’s pool and beach-friendly and can even be used at airports and on airplanes without disturbing the avionics.

[ Kiddo Kidkeeper ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Brando USB Flexible Webcam

Brando USB Mini Web Cam (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

A laptop with a built-in webcam is definitely convenient, particularly since it means that’s one less accessory you have to carry. But at the same time the lens is usually embedded in the top of the screen, which makes it difficult to aim the camera at anything but yourself. So this mini webcam from Brando uses a flexible neck that can be positioned and aimed in any direction depending on what you want the person on the other end of the conversation to see.

The webcam is 100% plug and play and doesn’t require any drivers to be installed when used under Windows XP or Vista. The lens can be rotated for adjusting the focus and it’s compatible with ICQ, MSN, Skype and other chat and VOIP applications. You can get it directly from Brando for just $19.

[ USB Mini Web Cam ] VIA [ DVICE ]