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MS LifeCam VX-7000 Webcam Review. Verdict: Tight Live! Services Integration

By Ian Chiu

The LifeCam VX-7000 USB webcam is part of the promotional effort by MS’ hardware peripheral department to increase consumers’ awareness of their Windows Live! services. The camera itself isn’t any groundbreaking; you won’t find any motorized base nor auto focus, even though the latter of which is becoming the de facto feature on high-end webcams. The most notable improvement is perhaps the glass element lens for better image quality. Hardware-wise, the VX-7000 hasn’t quite caught up with Logitech and even Creative yet.

However, the VX-7000′s software acts as the heart of the fully integrated Windows Live system, coordinating between the webcam, Windows Messenger, Windows Media Player, Windows Live Spaces, and Windows Movie Maker for a complete Microsoft communications package. In real terms, this system means that you can use your webcam to not only video conference with your Windows Messenger-using friends and colleagues, but also record podcasts and video podcasts and upload them to Microsoft’s social networking site to share with others. And this pretty much covers most aspects of the software.

For the full review, hit the link after the video effect demo below.

While I thought Microsoft did a good job constructing a desktop-friendly camera that fits well on any LCD and handles video conferencing and smaller size video podcasts without any problems, I was disappointed to find that the camera’s high definition options were usable only with a sacrifice in quality. As a result, while this camera is a good option for someone looking to make video call or lower resolution podcasts, there are other cameras out there that will accomplish the same task for less money.

[MS LifeCam VX-7000 USB Webcam @ Everything USB]

  • Eptin

    “I was disappointed to find that the camera’s high definition options were usable only with a sacrifice in quality”

    Huh? Does the camera simply resize the photo to a higher resolution, thus losing quality? If so, what is it’s native resolution?

  • Pat

    Nice write up. I currently have a budget webcam that I’m using to video conference with ooVoo since it is free. A few of my friends live abroad and it is nice that we can all get on at once. What kind of camera would you suggest that is on the lower price range for video conferencing?