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TrekStor DataStation microdisk

TrekStor DataStation microdisk

TrekStor DataStation microdisk (Image courtesy TrekStor)By Andrew Liszewski

This TrekStor portable drive doesn’t really do anything particularly innovative, but it does use a 1.8 hard drive giving it a footprint that’s just slightly larger than a credit card. It comes in capacities of 20GB, 80GB or 120GB and has a sturdy aluminum housing which helps with heat dissipation and only weighs between 65 to 75 grams.

The DataStation microdisk also includes a copy of Nero BackItUp 2 Essentials, giving you a one button option for backing up files, and is suitable for use with Leopard’s Time Machine feature.

In fact the only downside I can see with these drives is the price. The 20GB version sells for about $135, the 80GB version is about $233 and the 120GB version is about $290.

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