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Fishtank Friday: Livingston, I Presume?

Fishtank Friday: Livingston, I Presume?


If you’re as big of a Star Trek: TNG fan as I am, you’ll immediately recognize this dome aquarium from Captain Picard’s ready room aboard the Enterprise-D. The aquarium was home to Livingston the fish, one of only four recurring pets in the Star Trek franchise. In every episode except one, or perhaps technically two, Livingston was played by a red lionfish, which are a lovely, albeit venomous, sort of tropical fish that you can find living on coral reefs all over the world.

The tank itself is made of acrylic, with a 20″ dome and a 40 gallon capacity. It’ll set you back nearly $1k including the stand and self-contained casing.

Bonus geek points to anyone who knows about the other Star Trek recurring pets and the episodes in which Livingston the fish was not himself.

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