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Bag Of Rice Newborn Allows You To Share Your Bundle Of Joy

Bag Of Rice Newborn Allows You To Share Your Bundle Of Joy

Bag of Rice with your Newborn's Face (Images courtesy By Andrew Liszewski

You know I try to be as tolerant to as many other cultures as I can, but sometimes I’m just left scratching my head. Japanese company Yosimiya will not only sell you a bag of rice that has a photo of your newborn baby’s face on it, but the bag also has enough rice to exactly match the weight of your new arrival. That way you can send the bag of rice to family members or friends who can’t make it to see the baby, and they can experience exactly what it’s like to hold it in their arms.

The bag of rice also has the child’s name and date of birth printed on the outside, and can be shipped in either a swaddling blanket or a padded box. While it seems pretty odd to me, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ridiculously popular over there.

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  • Anonymous

    They should make a Tinkle Tot version, for that extra touch of realism.

  • JB

    IMHO, it beats the hell out of a cigar.

  • Anonymous

    The fun part is slitting it open and eating its innards.

  • Phreqd

    That last comment was the funniest thing I ever read!