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[MAC 2008] In Brief: Macworld Keynote

[MAC 2008] In Brief: Macworld Keynote


By Evan Ackerman

The Apple Keynote video will be up on around noon PST (here it is), but here’s the important stuff:

Time Capsule: AirPort Extreme Base Station with an internal HD; $299 for 500gb and $499 for 1tb

iPhone Updates: SDK releases in February. SMS multiple people. Maps now come with location derived from cell towers (no GPS). Software update available today for free.

iPod Touch Updates: 5 new apps, including stocks, mail, notes, weather, and maps. Free with new iPods, $20 upgrade for existing users.

iTunes: Rent movies online. All major studios. 1000+ first run titles available 30 days after DVD release. Watch instantly in any format. After renting, 30 days to start watching, 24 hours to finish watching after start. $3 rentals, $4 for new releases.

Apple TV Version 2: No computer required; integrates directly with your TV. Also syncs with iTunes. DVD or HD quality, 5.1 channel sound. $4 rentals, $5 for HD. Entry price for Apple TV now $229, ships in 2 weeks.

Macbook Air: “World’s thinnest notebook.” 0.16 inches to 0.76 inches thick, 13.3 inch LED backlit widescreen display with iSight camera. 3.0 pounds. Fullsize keyboard. “Thinner than the thinnest part of a Sony Vaio TZ.” Multi-touch trackpad. 1.8″ HD (same as iPod) in either 80gb or 64gb SSD. 1.6 Ghz or 1.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, chips are “thick as a nickle, wide as a dime.” One USB port. Micro DVI out, audio out. Wireless N, Bluetooth. No optical drive (external $99). 2gb ram standard. 5 hour battery. Flame retardant circuit boards and made with some eco-friendly/recycled components, including recyclable aluminum case. $1799 in base config. Pre-ordering today, ships in 2 weeks. Click here for more info on the Apple site. If you want the SSD and fast chip, $3098 (!). No ethernet jack.

Macbook Air
(Image VIA Macrumorslive)

Macbook Air
(Image VIA Ars Technica)

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