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RoomWizard Scheduler For Busy Offices

RoomWizard Scheduler For Busy Offices

RoomWizard (Images courtesy Steelcase)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you work in a crowded office and find yourself battling for time in the meeting room, the RoomWizard will serve as a neutral electronic third-party. It’s a touch-screen display designed to be mounted outside a conference room that provides an easy way to either book the space for a meeting, or peruse the upcoming schedule.

If you want to just drop in, a set of LEDs on the side switch between red and green indicating the room’s availability which should prevent you from looking like an idiot when you barge in on a meeting in progress. The RoomWizard can also be accessed from your work PC since it runs an internal webserver, and can even be synced with Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook servers. Over time it will even keep track of room occupancy and reservation patterns so you can see exactly how the shared spaces are being used.

Official pricing for the RoomWizard seems hard to come by, but apparently the units cost over $2,000 each, which should bolster the sales of white boards and markers.

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