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Pogo! Radio YourWay Mini – Digital Radio Recorder

Pogo! Radio YourWay Mini – Digital Radio Recorder

Pogo! Radio YourWay Mini (Image courtesy Pogo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

With most major radio stations simulcasting their broadcasts online, I really don’t see the need for a portable radio recording device. But maybe if you’ve secluded yourself in a remote cabin and have shunned all technology except radio, this could be useful for catching the talk show you missed while checking the traps, or while involved in that confrontation with the FBI.

The Radio YourWay Mini is considered the “little sibling” of Pogo!’s Radio YourWay LX model, but still includes all the scheduling abilities of the larger version. The 1GB of memory isn’t particularly large, but if you’re only recording talk radio, or your dictated manifesto, it will actually go a long way. And like Tivo or other PVRs on the market, the Radio YourWay even has a 1 minute buffer, which is constantly recording the last minute of broadcast should you need to rewind or what-not.

At $99.99 I don’t see why they couldn’t have thrown some MP3 capabilities in there, but maybe that might not appeal to whatever demographic they’re trying to target.

[ RadioYourWay Mini ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]