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[CES 2008] Neonode Body Electronics Concepts (And A Touch Phone)

[CES 2008] Neonode Body Electronics Concepts (And A Touch Phone)

Body Electrics

By Evan Ackerman

It was this concept art that drew me into the Neonode exhibit, since (to be honest) I’d never heard of them before. But the art is pretty sweet, albeit (they insist) only a concept. If you’re not seeing anything out of the ordinary yet, look at her hand and his headphones. Convenient, right?

Neonode is also demoing a cellphone that they’re going to release commercially in summer of this year, called the N2. It’s smaller than a credit card and weighs only 60 grams. The interface is a 176×220 touchscreen (which is all the rage now, of course) but unlike the iPhone, the touchscreen of the N2 is not heat dependent, so it’ll work if you’ve got gloves on. Look for it this summer, but they’re not saying what network yet.

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