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[CES 2008] LG Watch Phone Prototypes

[CES 2008] LG Watch Phone Prototypes

By Evan Ackerman

In a secretive little area in the LG exhibit was a glass case guarded by two PR people, enthusiastically keeping people from taking pictures of what was inside. So what was inside? Working prototypes of an LG watch phone. I flashed my press badge and they let me take a few pics, making me feel all kinds of special:

LG Watchphone

It’s GSM based, with a high resolution touchscreen, Bluetooth, and 3 buttons plus a scroll wheel. The guys at Engadget got some brief hands-on time with one of the prototypes, which illustrates how easy it is to use despite its size:

One more stylish pic after the jump.

LG Watchphone

LG would not commit to any production timeline, but I have high hopes for this.

[ LG Electronics ]


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  1. Thomas says:

    these are old news… Digitalrise has had the tri-band cell phone watch for months! search digg… anyways, you can get them online here:

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    di indonesia ada ga? di bandung

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    Thank you this nice post