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Brilliant Autodialling Business Card

Brilliant Autodialling Business Card

Autodialling Business Card (Images courtesy Tom Ward VIA Instructables)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tom Ward has posted a pretty detailed guide over at Instructables on how to make a unique business card that can actually be used to autodial your phone number. Since Tom designs electronics for a living, he wanted a card that not only reflected his skills, but also made a lasting impression. I think he succeeded.

To use the card you just need to hold the corner containing a small speaker to the mouthpiece of your phone, and then tap it. The card then admits a series of DTMF audio tones to automatically dial the phone number you have programmed. Tom admits the card is really just an “unashamed novelty,” but I can pretty much guarantee no one will ever throw it away.

And while the prototype version wasn’t that cheap, he’s actually managed to get the price down to about $2 per card when producing large batches. At that price it’s not something you’d want to hand out to everyone you came across, but if you’re trying to woo a particular client, it would make quite an impact.

[ Extreme Business Cards ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]


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