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Thermochromatic Toilet Seat Warns Of Recent Use

Thermochromatic Toilet Seat

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you sat down on the toilet, only to find that it’s still warm from the last person that spent some time upon the throne? It doesn’t really creep me out as much as it does other people. If you’re one that doesn’t like a warm seat, you might like this amusing product.

The Thermochromatic Toilet Seat will change color when someone parks their rear upon it. The color changes depending on how warm it gets, you can then use this to gauge how long it’s been since the seat was vacated. If you’re creeped out by a warm seat, just look for any discoloration and decide just how badly you have to go.

[ Ubergizmo ] VIA [ PlusMinus ]

  • baracuda

    Neat idea, but my seat already has discoloration…
    oh wait…eeew

  • who cares

    Why would I worry if it was in my house, and again… ignorance is bliss with public toilets. But of course public toilets get used by other people. So…. what’s the point of this?

  • w00t

    The point of this is obvious. Girls and/or pussies hate sitting on toilet seats that are warm, as this means they can’t pretend that some fat bastard didn’t have a crap on it 8 minutes ago.

    A sensible person would take advantage of this. Warm toilet seats tend to feel much nicer on your ass than a cold one.

  • hothiney

    If you gotta go, you gotta go… no time to stand around until things cool down!

  • Obvoius Minority

    Ok, so I guess this makes me a pussy (I’m not a girl) because I’m definitely one of those people creeped out by warm toilet seats. But this product isn’t going to fix it. The problem is that I have to share the toilet with other people in the first place. Knowing that I need to wait a few minutes isn’t going to make it less nasty… just less obvious that it’s TOTALLY FREAKING NASTY to have to go to the bathroom with other people in the same room (and especially just behind them). Yuck!!!.

  • Anonymous

    If you're one of those people who prefer a warm seat, this would also be the product for you.

  • Evan

    Is it just me, or would this make people more creeped out? I mean, it's one thing to think that somebody used the toilet before you, but to know? That's just a little too far for me.

  • burgerbob

    Personally, i would like this so I could sit on a warm seat. Nothing stops a crap faster than a freezing ass.

  • Jonny

    Thatd be awesome only for the reason that you could piss your name onto it.

  • Jonny

    Thatd be awesome only for the reason that you could piss your name onto it.