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kickTrak Baby Kick Counter

kickTrak Baby Kick Counter

Baby Kick kickTrak (Image courtesy VoiKex Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

I understand that having your first child can be a stressful time for a new mother, and I’m not exactly thrilled when companies take advantage of that by selling them some pointless gadget that’s supposed to bring some peace of mind. Case in point, the kickTrak from Baby Kick.

The most obvious feature of the kickTrak is the ability to automatically count your baby’s kicks starting at 24 weeks, supposedly providing a reliable way to track its movement pattern, and reduce the risk of stillbirth. It can also be used at the onset of pregnancy as a sort of countdown timer for your predicted due date, or as an easy way to time your contractions when labor begins. While I’m sure the risk of stillbirth is a real concern, I don’t see how holding this to your stomach for hours at a time is the easiest way to track how much your baby is moving. I’m sure if I had something living inside me I’d be quite aware of whenever it made even the slightest move.

The kickTrak is available on the Baby Kick website for $39.95.

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