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Cristina Rubinetterie Chromatherapy Sandwich Shower Head

Cristina Rubinetterie Chromatherapy Sandwich Shower Head

Cristina Rubinetterie Sandwich Showerhead (Images courtesy Trendir)
By Andrew Liszewski

Until today I would have never categorized a shower head as being high-tech, but this Sandwich series from Cristina Rubinetterie looks pretty slick. It’s called the ‘Sandwich’ because the shower head is made up of a series of 1mm thick steel plates (or discs) all stacked together. As the website explains it, “the pressurized water arriving through a distributor from the inlet pipe acts as a spring on the discs. This allows for a more even distribution of the water inside the shower head. With no other outlet, the water flows through the holes protected with limescale-proof membrane and cascades in a wide and powerful jet.”

As a result the shower head can be custom made in any shape up to 120cm x 120cm in size, and still maintain a constant water pressure across the whole surface. But that’s not all. The Sandwich Chromatherapy shower head adds a series of 96 colored LEDs around the rim that are able to produce the entire spectrum of chromatherapeutic colors. The colors can be configured from a small control panel depending on what effect or pattern you’re after. And to think I’ve just been using my shower to get clean all these years… Such a waste.

[ Cristina Rubinetterie Sandwich Shower Head ] VIA [ Trendir ]


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