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What’s Prettier Than Flowers? Exploding Flowers

What’s Prettier Than Flowers? Exploding Flowers

Exploding Flowers

By Evan Ackerman

This high speed photograph by Ori Gersht captures a floral still life, which has been frozen in liquid nitrogen, in the process of being blown apart by explosives. I could wax lyrical about all of the things it supposedly represents, but I won’t… It’s just damn cool, if you ask me. You can view a gallery of 15 different images, featuring varying degrees of explody-ness, by clicking here. Fullsize picture after the jump.

Exploding Flowers



4 responses to “What’s Prettier Than Flowers? Exploding Flowers”

  1. Jul333 says:

    So beautiful!

  2. feckineejit says:

    what does it represent? exploding vah-jay-jays?