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ATP GPS Photo Finder Is Geotagging Made Brainless

ATP GPS Photo Finder Is Geotagging Made Brainless

Photo FinderBy Evan Ackerman

Being too poor to actually shell out the cash for a purpose built geotagging gadget (like this), on my last few trips I’ve taken along a regular GPS and synchronized my camera’s clock to it. I’d leave the GPS on while I was taking pics, and then when I got home, spend an unbelievably tedious evening matching the GPS info with my image timestamps. If you don’t have as many free evenings to spend doing unbelievably tedious things as I do, check out the ATP GPS Photo Finder. It does basically the same thing, except faster and better and without a PC. It takes a couple AA batts and works just like a normal GPS device, storing up to 550 hours of location data (updated every 5 seconds) on its 128mb of internal memory. Make sure your camera is synced to the GPS time the Photo Finder displays, and when you’re done shooting, just stick your camera’s SD/MMC/MS card into the Photo Finder and it’ll automatically geotag all your pics. So, it’s a card reader too, and comes with a USB cable to connect to your computer if you want. The current limitation (besides the memory card restriction) is that it only works with JPEGs, so if you’re into RAW, you’re out of luck. The geotagged pics integrate directly into Google Earth and Google Maps (with Picasa), and if you’ve never tried it before, it’s totally cool. Maybe not quite worth the $130 MSRP cool, but cool nonetheless.

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