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OGCC Day 18 – Sno-Baller For Perfect Snowballs

OGCC Day 18 – Sno-Baller For Perfect Snowballs

Sno-Baller (Images courtesy Plow & Hearth and The Green Head)
By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 18 (Image property of OhGizmo!)I’m all for being lazy during the holidays, but half the satisfaction of knocking someone upside the head with a snowball is knowing that you made it with your very own hands. So I don’t know if I’m sold on the idea of this Sno-Baller. I’m sure it can produce a perfect sphere of snow, with great aerodynamic characteristics, but where’s the love?

On the other hand, if you’re in the middle of a heated snowball fight, quantity is definitely more important than quality. And if this thing can promise backyard snow fort supremacy by churning out snowballs faster than I can make them by hand, I guess it’s worth a shot.

They’re available from Plow & Hearth for just $8.95.

[ Sno-Baller ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

  • mcman

    Most snowball fights are impromptu. I don’t think anyone is going to carry that thing around just in case.

  • Avatar

    I dunno – it is an American product after all…

  • Alex

    No, this is great for mass producing snow balls. Now I don’t have to sit outside for an hour or so making the damn things. 😛

  • eric

    I just fill a balloon with water and wait for it to freeze then I throw the (once was water balloon) snow ball as hard as I can. 🙂 ..j/k

  • CtB

    It looks like it requires 2 hands, which means between throws you have grip the handle each time you want to use it. A one-handed version, modeled after pruning clippers would be more efficient. Even if the snowball fight was divided into teams, with one person devoted to cupping the balls, the other teammates would still have to bend over to grab the balls.
    Is it nice to look at a perfect sphere? yes, but unnecessary.

  • jack

    CtB, you would be the one devoted to cupping my balls.

  • Mel

    Its like martha stewart snowballs

  • Anonymous

    i think it would lack on the hardness factor, thus hurting the pain factor