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Virtual Cable Provides Better In Car Navigation

Virtual Cable Provides Better In Car Navigation

Virtual Cable (Images courtesy Making Virtual Solid, LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

So far I’ve been particularly unimpressed with any of the in-car GPS systems I’ve used. They’re definitely accurate when it comes to pinpointing your location, but when it comes to providing driving directions they’re not so hot. I think the biggest issue I have is trying to figure out what street they’re telling me to turn on, without glancing at the display and taking my eyes off the road.

But that’s exactly where this Virtual Cable navigation system shines. Instead of looking at a small 6 inch screen, or listening to less than exact turn by turn directions, it provides you with a red ribbon projected on your windshield showing the exact path you should be taking. The ribbon actually appears to exist in 3D space outside your car thanks to a patent pending volumetric display system using lasers and mirrors. The system makes it a lot easier to know exactly where an upcoming turn is, allowing you to slow down and get in the proper lane ahead of time.

Now while the technology seems to only exist in video demos at this time, the inventor Tom Zamojdo hopes to see it available one day for about $400 as a factory-installed option.

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