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Canned Air – Not Just For Spaceballs Anymore

Canned Air – Not Just For Spaceballs Anymore

Big Ox Canned Air

By Luke Anderson

I have issues with drinking bottled water. Yes, one of those is because I prefer drinks with a little (see: a lot) caffeine in them. My other big problem is that it’s a huge waste of plastic, as I’ve got a sink that magically dispenses water. Sure, it might not be from some mountain spring, but there’s a good chance your fancy water isn’t either. I’ve got a nice purifier attached to my faucet, and that’s plenty good for me. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that I think that canned air is just retarded.

No, I’m not talking about that stuff you use to blow out the dust from your computer. No, this stuff called Big Ox is intended for huffing. The company refers to it as “power oxygen.” Seriously folks, it’s just air. Strap a pine tree air freshener under your nose and it’ll have the same effect, and it might just make you smell better to boot.

The best part? They’re selling a single 3.5 gram can for $9.99! I’m sorry, there’s nothing you can tell me about this stuff that’ll make me want to fork over $10 for scented air.

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