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Transforming EverGreen Mouse Hides In Your PCMCIA Slot

Transforming EverGreen PCMCIA Slot Friendly Mouse (Images courtesy EverGreen)
By Andrew Liszewski

A computer mouse that’s able to stash away in your laptop’s PCMCIA slot is nothing new, but I like the fact that this one from EverGreen doesn’t remain completely flat and actually makes a small attempt at being ergonomic.

Once removed from the PCMCIA slot, it can be cleverly transformed into a two button optical mouse complete with a touch sensitive strip used for scrolling. And the raised section on the back will help support your hand like a regular mouse does, though I can’t imagine it being anywhere near as comfortable.

For the fashion conscious, the mouse is available in a variety of pastel colors to match the current trend in color coordinated laptops, and will set you back about $37.

[ Transforming EverGreen PCMCIA Slot Friendly Mouse ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

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    This is a pretty neat item