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Bird Bulb Shades Are Cheap, Easy, Quirky Style

Bird Bulb Shades Are Cheap, Easy, Quirky Style

Bird Shade

By Evan Ackerman

If you live in a dorm room or cheap apartment, odds are that your overhead lighting (if you even have any) sucks. These laser-cut bird lampshades from designer Hung Ming Chen clip directly onto a bare lightbulb, adding interesting shadows and a little bit of class to your place. I’m a big fan of designs like this: unique and painless to install/remove. Now, I did say “cheap” in the title. And it seems like these things should not be all that expensive (similar products aren’t), but I can’t manage to find an actual price. If you’d like to buy one, they’re supposedly available somewhere on this site, or they can be ordered directly from the designer.

[ Hommin ] VIA [ Apartment Therapy ]

  • mcman

    Lets hope these things fit on more than the old fashioned bulbs or they will be useless in a few years.