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TwistTogether Lamps: Now Available

I love quirky lighting, and the TwistTogether lamp is an easy way to add a little extra quirkiness to your life, especially since it’s now available for purchase. A bit like Legos, each block can be attached to the other blocks in a variety of ways. Each set contains 4 different blocks, including a power supply, and you can connect as many sets together as you can afford (at $109 a set). Currently available in either “candy” (in the video) or “chocolate” (a mix of black, white, brown, and caramel), you’ll soon be able to integrate the lamp blocks with shelving, with other blocks that cycle through a rainbow of colors, and with battery powered blocks to take with you whenever you just have to have portable, quirky, blocky lights out in the wild.

[ Glide Inc. ] VIA [ Core77 ]


2 responses to “TwistTogether Lamps: Now Available”

  1. jim says:

    the plural of lego is just lego, not legos. no s. like its sheep not sheeps. it really shouldn’t piss me of so much. but it does. sorry.

  2. You’re kidding me… Apparently if I want to refer to more than one Lego brick, I have to in fact say “LEGO bricks” or “LEGO pieces” instead of just “legos.” That’s nuts. I REFUSE!