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Great Scott! Buy Your Very Own Flux Capacitor

Great Scott! Buy Your Very Own Flux Capacitor

Flux Capacitor

By Luke Anderson

There are more than a few pieces of sci-fi technology that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on. Two of the highest on my list have to be a lightsaber and a flux capacitor. With those two gadgets at my disposal, there’s nothing I couldn’t accomplish with the exception of sleeping with a girl. While I do have a replica lightsaber, I’ve yet to get my hands on a flux capacitor. I saw one on eBay once, but it sold for far more than I care to pay. Thankfully someone has decided to mass-produce this awesome piece of sci-fi tech.

You don’t get much more authentic than this flux capacitor. It measures 16 x 12, just like the original, and has adjustable lighting for that perfect glow. It even comes with a special box and certificate of authenticity. You can get one next April for $275, or pre-order it by January 1st for just $220.

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3 responses to “Great Scott! Buy Your Very Own Flux Capacitor”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Plutonium batteries not included.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck is a flux capacitor

  3. Anonymous says:

    A flux capacitor is “what makes time travel possible”, from the “Back to the Future” movies. Owning a real one would be like the holy grail for all gizmo nerds. Right after a working lightsaber.