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Modulo Portable Radiator Concept


By Evan Ackerman

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere (in which case I’m wicked jealous), it’s winter outside, and that means it’s cold, even here in less-than-sunny California. My temperature tolerance is pretty bad: I’m only happy when it’s 76F plus or minus 2 degrees. My laptop and powerbrick help, but what I really need is a good old fashioned radiator. Or even better, a new fashioned radiator, which is what Modulo is. As a concept, Modulo doesn’t have to explain exactly how it works, but the principle is this: you can attach however many Modulo radiator modules you feel like you need, and they’ll radiate heat from your wall. Each module contains an aluminum core wrapped in a cushion, so whenever you get especially chilly, you can take one out of its module and stuff it down your pants. Or, you know, wherever. No word on price or availability, of course.


[ Anna Gotha ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]