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Sequiam BioBox For Securing Non-Digital Valuables

Sequiam BioBox For Securing Non-Digital Valuables

Sequiam BioBox (Image courtesy The Sharper Image)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are plenty of biometric security solutions when it comes to backing up important files or securing your computer. But the Sequiam BioBox is actually designed to protect those things that can’t be copied to a hard drive for safe keeping like cash, jewelry or important documents. The box uses a biometric fingerprint reader that can accommodate up to six different users, and while the reader is powered by 4 AA batteries (good for about 1,000 openings) the user data won’t be affected if the batteries run out.

The box itself is 10.75″ x 7.25″ x 2″ and is made of steel with a padded interior. While you’re probably not going to be able to squeeze a Picasso in there, it should accommodate other smaller items you’d hate to see go missing. And if somehow all 6 users lose their fingers in a tragic accident the box also has a backup key for circumventing the fingerprint reader.

It’s currently available from The Sharper Image for $239.95.

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One response to “Sequiam BioBox For Securing Non-Digital Valuables”

  1. Bill the hunter says:

    I have a Biovault and just recently purchased the Biobox. Excellent device and works as described. Plan to purchase an addition for Xmas present for my father.