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OGCC Day 3 – Festive Sweater Wreath

OGCC Day 3 – Festive Sweater Wreath

Festive Sweater Wreath (Image courtesy VivaTerra)By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 3 (Image property of OhGizmo!)Some people think that a gift you make yourself is a lot more personal than one you just buy. And if you’ve got a a few of those people in your family, you probably also have a closet full of Christmas sweaters you hope you never have to wear. But why let them go to waste when you can turn them into a slightly less tacky wreath to hang on your front door or above the fireplace mantle.

But if you’re not keen on the idea of publicly displaying those old sweaters even when they’ve been cut up into an elaborate wreath, you can always give it away thanks to those two magical words, Secret Santa. Your co-worker will have no choice but to be appreciative when you explain how many sweaters you had to sacrifice for such a creative and thoughtful gift.

Of course if you’re not the crafty type you can also by a pre-made Festive Sweater Wreath from VivaTerra for $69.

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