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Hydro Physio Lifestyle Water Resistance Treadmill

Hydro Physio Lifestyle Water Resistance Treadmill

Hydro Physio Lifestyle (Image courtesy Hydro Physio)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s no secret that swimming provides a great workout, and the extra resistance that comes from moving through the water is why a lot of athletes choose to exercise or train in a pool. And that’s basically the whole idea behind the Hydro Physio. It’s a treadmill built inside a clear glass tank filled with water that provides a more intense workout than just a treadmill alone.

The tank is filled and emptied each time which means you can enter through a door on the back, rather than having to climb in which would be problematic for people using the treadmill for rehabilitation purposes. This also means the water level can be adjusted on the fly to allow different muscle groups to be targeted during the exercise routine.

And even though the website only has photos of the 3D mockup, a Hydro Physio prototype does exist as is evident in this video. However I have no idea when they’ll be available to fitness clubs, or for home use.

[ Hydro Physio Lifestyle Treadmill ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]