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OGCC Day 1 – ‘A Christmas Story’ Inflatable Leg Lamp Lawn Ornament

OGCC Day 1 – ‘A Christmas Story’ Inflatable Leg Lamp Lawn Ornament

Inflatable Leg Lamp (Image courtesy Things You Never Knew Existed)By Andrew Liszewski

2007 OhGizmo! Christmas Countdown (Image property of OhGizmo!)I ended last year’s Christmas Countdown with the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story, so it seems kind of fitting that I use it to start this year’s list. However, this version’s not designed to sit in your living room and only be enjoyed by guests and other visitors. No, this one is actually inflatable and made to sit on your front lawn so that the entire neighborhood and anyone who drives by can enjoy the “soft glow of electric sex” as Ralphie put it.

Fully inflated it’s about 6 feet tall and 18 inches wide and the leg itself is covered in Christmas lights keeping it visible even when it gets dark outside. Of course there’s nothing stopping you from putting this in your living room instead of on the front lawn, but at that point you start to cross the line from being just a fan of the film, to being that creepy neighbor who has an inflatable leg lamp in his living room.

Amazon’s got it for $69.39.

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