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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Soldiers To Become Super-Human Mech Warriors

We’ve seen it in our popular culture for decades. Heck, even Sigourney Weaver killed the Queen Alien after jumping into a Mech-suit exoskeleton. It is fast approaching reality. These suits are not just something to give you super strength so you can help the elderly, like the one we reported on in October. The bugs are being worked out by the military so we can kill and crush enemies more effectively.

Sarcos, a Utah-based startup, has just shown a prototype robot that can work like an exoskeleton…

[ Read more, and watch video, at BotJunkie… ]

Dirt Devil Purpose For Pets Stain Extractor – Do You Smell Something?

Dirt Devil Purpose For Pets Extractor (Images courtesy Dirt Devil)
By Andrew Liszewski

Anyone with pets knows that for every stain you can see on the rug, there’s probably 2 others you can’t. So that’s why Dirt Devil’s new Purpose For Pets Portable Extractor has a 3 inch scrub brush complete with integrated blacklight LEDs to illuminate those stains that can be smelled, but not seen.

A 56 oz. on-board tank can hold both a pet stain/odor removing solution, as well as a carpet/upholstery shampoo and the LED cleaning brush comes attached to about 4 feet of hose. While the blacklights might reveal more stains than you’d like to admit, if my dog was able to spell out the word ‘stain’ like in that action shot I would be more impressed than upset.

The Purpose For Pets Portable Extractor (terrible name by the way) is available directly from the Dirt Devil website for $99.99.

[ Purpose For Pets Portable Extractor ] VIA [ Apartment Therapy ]

Philippe Starck’s TeddyBearBand

TeddyBearBand (Image courtesy Philippe Starck) By Andrew Liszewski

Did you know that famed designer Philippe Starck, who’s influenced everything from juicers to computer mice has even tried his hand at stuffed animals? No? Well there’s probably a good reason you haven’t, because this is what came of it.

The TeddyBearBand was created with the idea that kids frequently move from one toy to another, and what they can’t live without one week, ends up in the bottom of the toy chest the next. So instead of just being a stuffed bear, the TeddyBearBand also serves as a stuffed dog, rabbit and possibly a sheep, all at the same time. When the child gets tired of one animal, they just flip it around and move onto the next.

Of course what makes for an interesting design study to adults, is probably a source of nightmares for a small child, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve found the perfect villain for Spiderman 4.

[ TeddyBearBand (under goods goods) ] VIA [ Yokiddo ]

Metaphys Uzu Cyclone Rechargeable Vacuum

Metaphys Uzu Cyclone (Images courtesy Node)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just because a device has a boring job like cleaning, doesn’t mean it has to look boring. In fact I’m pretty happy to see this latest trend of everyday items like fire extinguishers and vacuum cleaners getting a slick makeover. But not only does the Uzu Cyclone vacuum look cool enough to leave out in the open (instead of burying in closet,) it actually makes the chore of vacuuming a bit easier.

The designer, Chiaki Murata, wanted to create a device that was not only stylish, but also light and easy to use which is why the Uzu is actually rechargeable. So when something gets spilled you don’t have to drag that Dyson and its power cord all over the house. Just unplug the Uzu Cyclone from the wall and quickly transform it into an easy to maneuver canister vac. When you’re done, just fold it up and stick it back in the corner so you can show it off to your friends when they visit.

And while the Uzu looks like it’s only available for Japanese consumers, Compact Impact actually lists it for sale for $398.

[ Metaphys Uzu Cyclone Vacuum ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

Plasma Bulb Night Light

Plasma Bulb Night Light (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

I had no idea that the plasma bulb was not only great for decorating dorm rooms and mad scientist laboratories, but also for scaring away monsters and other creatures from a kid’s room at night. But while it may deter those things that go bump in the night, I can only imagine that eery pink and purple glow will fuel their imaginations to come up with other things to be scared of when the lights go off.

Still, anyone who’s ever played with a plasma bulb has to admit they can be pretty fascinating, and since they put out very little heat they’re far less of a fire hazard than a traditional night light could be.

ThinkGeek’s got them for $9.99 each, which isn’t that bad given the bulb should last about 4 years.

[ Plasma Bulb Night Light ]

LA Auto Show: New Fuel Tech

GAS Truck

By Colin Ackerman

The Honda FCX Clarity may have been the star of the LA Auto Show when it came to new fuel innovation that anyone normal (i.e. not a millionaire) has the potential to get their hands on in the near future, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else has given up on the idea. Quite the contrary, in fact. After the jump, read about the Chevy Volt, concepts by Volvo, Toyota, and BMW, a custom Ford hydrogen/biodiesel monster, and of course the Tesla Roadster.Continue Reading

USB Drive Takes Care Of Your Minor Calculating Needs


By Luke Anderson

These days it’s rare to find a USB drive that is unique. Sure, you might see one that’s shaped like a new random object, but that’s about as different as they seem to come these days. It’s not because manufacturers aren’t being creative, but rather it seems like everything has already been done. So this is why I was a little surprised to see this QMEMORY card with a built-in calculator.

Granted, a calculator isn’t the coolest thing to carry around, but it’s certainly something different. The company that makes these can brand them with your company logo, which would be great for handing out to clients. The drive only holds 256MB of memory, which is still suitable for holding text files and pictures. These can be had for $14.95, sans logo.

[Flash Memory] VIA [Chip Chick]

Plate Flipper Gets Your Message Across

Plate Flipper (Images courtesy Red Biker Products, LLC)
By Andrew Liszewski

The universal symbol for ‘I don’t approve of your driving’ is pretty hard to misinterpret, but for those who don’t feel it effectively gets the message across there’s the Plate Flipper. The device sits between your vehicle’s license plate and the bumper, and at the push of a button on your dashboard the plate will flip down 90 degrees, revealing a message underneath.

Of course that message can be as benign as ‘Hello’ or as road-rage inducing as ‘Back Off,’ it all depends on what risk you’re willing to take. The website does provide the following warning; “When purchasing our products you take full responsibility for all liabilities associated with the use or misuse of our products” which makes me think the Plate Flipper has already been responsible for some nasty altercations.

It’s currently available directly from the Plate Flipper website in a vehicle version for $99.99 and a motorcycle version for $89.99.

[ Plate Flipper ] VIA [ Strange New Products ]

Hello Kitty’s March To Global Domination Continues

Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires (Image courtesy Nirve Sports)
By Andrew Liszewski

Mark my words people, the greatest threat to humanity isn’t nuclear war or global warming, but a small white kitten with a pink bow in its hair. And I think the fact that you can now buy bicycle tires with a Hello Kitty tread pattern is all the proof I need to support my case.

And you may laugh at my theory now, but one day when we’re all stuck working deep in the Hello Kitty mines, I’ll at least have the smug satisfaction that I saw it coming. (And probably a little bit of regret for not doing anything about it.)

Of course if you like the idea of spending your days toiling in a mine then by all means grab a set of these Hello Kitty tires. They’re available from Nirve Sports in a ‘Cruiser’ version for $25.99 and I guess a regular version $19.99.

[ Hello Kitty Bicycle Tires ] VIA [ Yokiddo ]