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Guardian Flashlight Lantern

Guardian Flashlight Lantern

Guardian Night Light And Lantern (Images courtesy Vessel)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you’ve got an elaborate backup power and lighting system installed in your home, keeping a few flashlights handy in the event of an emergency is not a bad idea. The Guardian is another take on the ‘always recharging’ idea, but has a unique lantern shaped design that’s easy to carry and also allows it to be used hands-free.

It’s made of ABS plastic which means it can survive a drop or two, and easily hangs on the charging cradle which you plug into the wall. While charging the lantern remains off, but an electroluminescent panel on the cradle provides a small source of light making it easy to find in the dark. With a runtime of just 10 hours and no replaceable batteries, I have to question the Guardian’s usefulness as an emergency light. But as a flashlight that won’t blind you in the middle of the night, it’s not a bad idea.

The Guardian should be available from Vessel in January for $29.

[ Guardian Night Light And Lantern ] VIA [ Yokiddo ]


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